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unnamedLocally Sourced, Hand Crafted Small Batch Pickles and Ferments

Husband and wife team Rj and Lindsey Marvin opened Barrel + Brine in December of 2015 to became Buffalo New York’s first and only shop dedicated to all things pickled and fermented.  While utilizing fermentation and pickling techniques and recipes passed down for centuries Barrel + Brine create flavors that are both innovative, refreshing and classic.  Fermented kimchi, sauerkrauts and cucumbers line the cooler shelves along side a wide assortment of pickles.  Naturally fermented vinegars, miso and kombucha are tucked away in dark corners waiting for their turn to shine.  
Keeping things close to home is important to Barrel + Brine.  Every jar of pickles and every jar of kraut is hand cut, hand packed and labeled in their corner shop located in the Johnson Park neighborhood in Buffalo’s West Side
They are also known for collaborations with other like minded producers and local artisans such as Breadhive, Big Ditch Brewing, Elm Street Bakery and Leonard Oakes Winery. Often inviting friends to guest cook for pop-up lunches.




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257 Carolina St
Buffalo, NY
Website: http://barrelnbrine.com
Email: info@barrelnbrine.com