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Barrel + Brine’s Most Frequently Asked Questions:


“…How long will my (pickles, krauts) last in the refrigerator?”

Under proper refrigeration (35°-42°) our pickles will last upwards to 5 months.  Our ferments will last even longer.


“…When i opened my sauerkraut it bubbled and fizzed. Is this normal?”

Our fermented goods, including our sauerkraut is fermented naturally.  In cold temperatures like refrigerators they will still continue to ferment very slowly.  If not opened for a while it is completely normal for a jar of kraut to create carbonation.


“…Do you ship?”

Currently Barrel + Brine does not ship.  Our goal is to open our online store to the public mid Summer 2016


“…I had your pickles at (insert brewery here) why don’t you have them at the shop?”

Barrel + Brine adds and removes flavors from our roster depending on time of year, and demand.  Some pickles, like the ones found at local breweries are often times special batches made specifically for them.  That doesn’t mean we won’t offer them elsewhere though.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on new products available.


“…I went to the store and they didn’t carry your product.  Whats up with that?”

Solid question.  If you live near a store that you would like to see carry our product ask to speak to a manager and let them know.  Don’t forget to check our our “Store Locater” which is updated as soon as we are available in that area.


“…Whats the difference between ‘Pickled” and “Fermented’?”

Pickled items are made using a vinegar based brine.  The tart, sour flavor comes from the added vinegar.  Fermented items are fermented naturally over a period of time, anywhere from 1 week to 1 year with no vinegars.  The sour flavor is caused by the fermentation process creating lactic acids.  Most vegetables can be pickled OR fermented.  For example we offer our flagship line of pickled cucumbers, but also fermented cucumbers we call “Buffalo Sours”



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FAQs April 20, 2016


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